4K/6min 40sec/2017
36th Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Children's Film Competition)
2017 San Diego International Kids Film Festival (Official Selection)
9th New York Independent Film Festival (Official Selection)
Berline International Cinefest 2018(Official Selection)
BUFF International Film Festival 2018 (Official Selection)
Flicker's Roving Eye International Film Festival 2018 (Official Selection)​​​​​​​
Directed, Edited & Co-Written by Han Donggyun, Story & Co-Written by Maggie Briggs 
Director of Photography Yachi Yang, Produced by Patrick Clement
Starring_ Josie Girand, Grace Keyt, Daniel Cunningham
KATE, a shy and introverted tween, enlists her precocious best friend MARIE to gather information on her distant crush ADAM. Discovering he likes strawberries, KATE crafts a love letter and includes what she thinks is a piece of strawberries candy. When she discovers the candy was actually a condom, the two best friends race to find ADAM before he discovers the embarrassing mistake.
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