A Boy Someone in Love 올해 크리스마스에는 눈이 내린다
HD/11min 53sec/2013
13th Korea Youth Film Festival (Best College Film)
34th Blue Dragon Film Awards (Nominated for the Best Short Film)
Directed, Edited & Written by Han Donggyun,  Director of Photography Choi Youngki, Produced by Wi Deuk-kyu, Starring_ Choi Jaehyuk, Kim Seungyoon, Kim Heewon, Lee Taegu
Chul-soo decides to visit the future for his girlfriend YoungHee since she wants to know whether there will be snow or not on this Christmas.  But he discovers the high school student, Chul Soo likes MiMi, not YoungHee.  Since he never thinks that the love can change, he gets embarrassed. 

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