A Still Life with the Trees, Patrick and Alanna
Super 8mm/1min 56sec/2016
The video essay which took the place in Greensburg, KS. Shot on Kodak 50D S8mm.
A kino-eye dairy from July, 2016 at Kansas. As the film director who has worked on the narrative fiction, I started to think of the new possibility of doing some still life works since the camera medium is my tool, language in some way, wanted to do something else with my device.
This short boring still life took it's place and time on the location scouting of Patrick Clement's short film Rabbit. I'm not talking about the huge idea of materialism or the conceptual idea on this video but just wanted to show the trees I particularly loved when I was there to the people who may want to see.
The sound of this footage was not recorded at the same time when the images were recorded but were the part of Rabbit's ambience sound. I asked Patrick to let me use the sound from his set to juxtapose my memories of Kansas.
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